Leading innovative technologies

Business Introduction and Vision.

LINKTEK Information on core projects and current status

  • Company

    The number of employees : 44

    The number of R&D engineers : 10

    Head office / Siheung Mokgam
    - site:2,990m², Building area:22,300m²

  • Business

    RF Passive components

    RF/Optic Repeater, ICS Repeater

    Jammer system

  • Management

    Cultivate people of talent

    Creating of new technology

    The highest quality

    Pursuing no. 1 quality

  • Management

    Contribute to strengthening customer competitiveness

    WIN-WIN between partners

    Create an exciting atmosphere at work

    Regular return to society

Business Info

To become the world's most advanced company

Management Policy.

- Human resource management

- Creation of new technology

- No. 1 product quality

- World’s leading company

Our Primary Policies for Product Quality

- Acceptance of customer requirements

- Improving product quality to meet TL 9000, 14001 standards

- Active promotion regarding quality issues

- Accomplishment of customer satisfaction

Our Secondary Policies for Product Quality

- Compliance with the quality system through education and training

- Regular internal audits and preemptive activities

- Introduction of proposed activities and motivation

- Improvement and work application according to standardization

Company Motto

- Start with Authority, Finish with Responsibility, and Enjoy our Rights